Mission Statement

Zero Emission Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs.)

Our mission is to promote the interests of the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Industry


We are working to:

• Inform the shipping industry on available zero emissions ship technologies (ZEST).

• Influence regulators and policymakers at national and international levels to introduce legislation that necessitates the uptake of ZEST.

• Create a platform for ZEST providers to collaborate on projects.

• Prevent catastrophic climate impacts by assisting commercial shipping to reduce emissions on a steep trajectory in line with 1.5 degrees.



For Technology Providers

ZESTAs will serve as a common voice to impact legislation and regulation, seek project financing for zero emission ship projects and develop research projects for zero emission vessels and technologies.

For Shipping Industry

ZESTAs will push for legislation that levels the playing field and incentivises the uptake of zero emission ship technologies, thereby reducing first mover risk.

ZESTAs will provide high visibility by:

• Project descriptions on ZESTAs Website

• Events

• Marketing materials

• Press and Media

ZESTAs will:

• Educate the policy makers at National & International levels on the availability and technology readiness of ZEST

• Provide a database of companies and zero emission technologies by type

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Association Members

Hyex Safety
Genevos efficient energy innovations
Ocean assets Institute
GG Zero Emission Marine
Energy Observer
Fair Winds Trust
Future Proof Shipping
Molnex Energy
Geps Techno
Blue Technology
Finocean Ltd

Associate Members

Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster
Patriot Marine

Association Supporters


The underestimated impact of marine shipping pollution around the world

0% of ship emissions
are within 400km of land
0X more sulphur content in ship fuel
compared to diesel fuel in European cars
0Tonnes per year of sulphur oxide (SOx)
can be generated by one large ship

For inquiries email: admin@zestas.org