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About ZShips International Community Contribution Company Ltd.


  • The Community Contribution Company (CCC or C3) is the Canadian designation similar to the UK’s Community Interest Company and the US and European B-Corporation.
  • ZShips CCC’s purpose is to transition fuel-powered commercial ships to Zero-Emissions, Zero-Fuel, Sustainable Maritime Transport.
  • Works from the premise that Waves are Energy in Motion.


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Maritime Transportation problems are


  • Marine and human health, and
  • the volatile costs of powering ships with any fuel, either carbon-intensive fossils or zero-emissions synthetic and biobased.

ZShips’ proprietary technology converts the abundant free energy from waves into electricity for on-demand use and storage.

Expedition Vessel
Electricity Storage

Know-How and design of retrofitted and new-built ships fully powered by renewable without the need for fuel backup.

ZShips is unique,


  • It is the only Zero-fuel-cost available option for large commercial ships.
  • The system has an insignificant impact on existing cargo space and doesn’t take any deck space.

– Finalist of Our Oceans Challenge (Netherlands, 2015 & 2017).
– Member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions (2017 to present).
– Entrepreneur Impact Program. Grant Autodesk Full Package (2018 to 2021).

– Zero Emissions Ships. Research and Innovation. By Wave & Tidal Energy Network Magazine.
– Wave Energy Concept Ready for Ship Propulsion. By The Maritime Executive.

Gears cranking

Pre retrofitting and

Pre construction Planning


Digital Ship Rendition

3D Virtual Modelling

3D modelling, visualization
and digital prototyping
customized for each vessel.

Tailor-made 3D
Prototyping contributes to
Zero Waste retrofitting

blue world

Project Management

Engineering, procurement, construction and installation company (EPCI).

Engineering, procurement and
construction management company (EPCM).

ZShips Website: http://bit.ly/ZShips
Contact: Jose Luis Gutierrez Garcia

Email: zships-joseluis@protonmail dot com
Phone: 1 + (604) 984-4327 ext 110

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