About the company

Absolut Hydrogen is a French industrial engineering SME based in Grenoble. A subsidiary of the Groupe Absolut, Absolut Hydrogen aims to make liquid hydrogen accessible for the decarbonization of the industrial and mobility sectors.

Thanks to the know-how of the Groupe Absolut, it is today the only independent entity positioned on the LH2 market with multi-sector application expertise in cryogenics. Absolut Hydrogen offers a range of energy-related technological solutions: liquefiers, reliquefiers, storage, zero boil-off…

Products and Route

Maritime uses of zero-emission liquid hydrogen

 Absolut Hydrogen is developing technologies adapted to the maritime environment:

  • On-site liquefaction of LH2;
  • Storage on board with zero boil-off and transfer of LH2;
  • Filling of LH2 ship tanks.

LH2 enables:

3 times the distance travelled, with the same size and weight (including systems), using LH2 for a ship means a gain in range of a factor of 2 to 3 compared with GH2 (gaseous hydrogen).

save space on board, as the volume taken up by the fuel is reduced, giving more payload space.

reduce CAPEX & OPEX by not having to resort to compression (regular maintenance & high cost), which is necessary for GH2.

LIQHYD, our range of local liquefiers

Absolut Hydrogen offers on-site liquefaction and adapts to your daily requirements.

Shareholder Owned


From 11 to 48 kg/day

Ideal for prototype testing and small-scale installations.

+ Maximum footprint of 15 m².

+ Plug&Play system: ease of use, electrical and application connections

+ Integrated expansion panel

+ Liquefaction cryostat with liquid nitrogen pre-cooling

+ Remote control

+ Electrical back-up for safety requirements

+ Vacuum pumping unit

Green Shipyard



Hydrogen liquefaction plant & transfer system. Ideal for transport hubs, demonstrators and adapts to logistical constraints.

+ Maximum footprint of 20m²

+ Transportable skid

+ Plug&Play system: ease of use, electrical and application connections

+ Pre-cooling by LN2

Challenging the Industry



Decentralized access to energy for on-site storage: energy on demand.

Suitable for airfields, logistics platforms and captive fleets.

Storage “reduced boil-off”

Absolut Hydrogen is developing a complete range of “reduced boil-off” mobile storage systems. These storages will be integrated into complete ecosystems, enabling full control of the LH2 system.

Absolut Hydrogen offers ZBO solutions for long-distance shipping, thanks to the marinization of its small-capacity liquefiers, which provide a solution for the large masses on board ships.



2, rue des murailles 38170 Seyssinet-Pariset, France

+33 (0)4 56 40 86 47





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