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ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Brent Perry



Brent Perry is a global operating and management executive with proven success in building high-performance teams in the energy storage sector.

Brent is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet in regards to lithium energy storage in marine applications. His 30-year history in commercial shipbuilding and deep knowledge of energy systems gives him a unique perspective on the hybrid and electric marine industry.

Brent has personally been involved in 90% of all large hybrid and electric ferry projects on the water today. From Ampere in Norway to Scandlines Benedikte, he has unsurpassed experience in the sector.

Brent is an experienced, engaging and impassioned speaker, with hundreds of presentations completed, including a presentation about the future of low emissions commercial shipping at the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP21 in Paris and COP23 in Bonn.

Mr. Perry resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and enjoys sailing with his wife and three children.

ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Prasanna Colluru

Vice Chair

Prasanna is the Director of Corporate Strategy at Future Proof Shipping (FPS), a Netherlands-based company that provides zero-emissions (ZE) shipping services. FPS is a ZE vessel owner, offering inland and shortsea vessels for charter. FPS also provides advisory services (including project management) for ZE shipping projects.

At FPS, Prasanna is responsible for maintaining a strategic overview of alternative fuels and zero-emissions technology markets, assessing technologies (on their commercial, technical, operational, and financial) viability, and enabling holistic decision making on the choice of technology/solution for zero-emissions vessels.

Prior to FPS, Prasanna worked broadly in innovation and strategy in energy, design and retail in Europe and India. She holds a bachelor’s degree in design, and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University, Netherlands).

ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Jogchum Bruinsma 

Board member

Jogchum Bruinsma is Head of Maritime Applications at Nedstack.

Jogchum holds a Masters degree in Control Systems Engineering and a Bachelors in Industrial Automation of the HAN University of Applied Science. He is co-author of articles on the application of fuel cells and driving cycle characterization.

Jogchum Bruinsma has worked in several senior engineering and management positions at Boskalis and Huisman Etech Experts, where he was in involved in many innovative and challenging projects.

He is a board member of ZESTAs and actively involved in the Hydrogen Europe Maritime workgroup and the IEA-HIA task 39 expert group.

ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Johan Burgren

Board member

Business manager at PowerCell Sweden AB

Johan has over 20 years’ experience in marine sales and development of maritime engine technology, and possesses a high level of experience in service solution development. Throughout the years he has developed a broad network in the marine and industrial OEM marketplace.


ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Arnaud Vasquez

Board member

With 30 years of a maritime career spent as an engineer, then captain in a wide array of missions, Arnaud Vasquez decided in 2015 to put all of his motivation and experience towards the development of clean and environmentally-friendly marine fuel cell technologies.

He founded HySeas Energy with the aim to fully commit to a sustainable process both in ecological and economic terms. In a vital effort towards a cleaner future, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies offer truly pragmatic solutions and are a vast reservoir of growth, value and jobs.


ZESTAs portrait Michael Adams

D. Michael Adams

Board member

D. Michael Adams established the non-profit Ocean Assets Institute (OAI) in 2016 to help finance solutions for sustainable maritime industries, healthy oceans and coastal resilience. Since then, he has been active with mandates from:

  • Asian Development Bank, UNEP-UNDP: Lead advisor of the Blue Economy Knowledge Product and BlueInvest-Asia, a $5bn investment initiative.
  • UNEP-FI: Author of guidance for financiers of Shipping and Ports, under the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles, published in Turning the Tide.
  • EU Atlantic Ports Accelerator Program: Supporting maritime accelerators for EU ports on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • EU BlueInvest: Establishing this successful platform to finance European maritime SMEs.
  • Climate Bonds Initiative: Developing standards for green bond issuers from maritime industries.

Michael has a 26-year career in finance: Institutional Investor – Asia Director, The Journal of Investing – Founder, Pedigree Investments – Founder, GH Advisors – Partner. Michael holds a MSc Business Policy from Columbia University and a BA from Bates College. He speaks and writes for a variety of sustainable finance and maritime forums.


Advisory board

ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Frank Nieuwenhuis


Frank Nieuwenhuis studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Delft with a master on measurement and control techniques.

He worked in several companies in the medical field, rehabilitation and physiotherapy in R&D, sales, production and general management. In 2005 he did a MBO and continued as entrepreneur in treadmills for rehabilitation.

After selling the company in 2015, he started Econowind together with Conoship International to support decarbonization of the maritime sector through wind-assisted ship propulsion.

ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Patrick Englebert


Project Manager and Innovator mainly in maritime sector:

11 years with TRACTEBEL (nuclear power plants, waste treatment).

25 years with EXMAR (shipping and offshore, LNG STS).

5 years with GTT (LNG as fuel,  LNG bunkering).

 Started working on wind propulsion in 2008, founded the company PROPELWIND S.A.S. in 2011.

Co-founder of IWSA in 2012.

Since 2019 focus on various SDG concepts including Shipping Decarbonizing, WASP and wind.

ZESTAs - portrait Maria Brandsøy

Maria Brandsøy


Maria Brandsøy has been part of ZESTAs advisory board since its foundation. She is a Business Developer in Ocean Hyway Cluster, a maritime cluster based in Norway focusing on hydrogen-based fuels. She believes that sharing knowledge about markets, players and technology provides new insights, and that collaboration across sectors and businesses breaks down barriers and stimulates innovation.

Before joining the cluster, Maria worked in FMC Technologies (now TechnipFMC). She holds a master’s degree from Newcastle University in International Business Management and a bachelor’s degree in PR, Media and Communication from Volda University College.


ZESTAs portrait Prasanna Colluru

Madadh MacLaine

Founder and Secretary General


Madadh is a visionary social entrepreneur leading the drive towards zero emission (ZE) shipping. Her extensive network includes thousands of connections engaged in the energy transition across the maritime sector.
Her background in ZE shipping began in 1999 with designs for a ZE multi access cargo vessel for Fair Winds Trading Company’s sustainable development project in West Africa.

She began working in the wider industry as co-founder of the International Windship Association.

Madadh has a strong background in hydrogen, having represented  PEM electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power in Shipping and Maritime. She is also the founder and CEO of  ZEM Tech ltd, an innovative system design, engineering and project management consultancy focused on  ZE ship design and ZE marine fuel infrastructure and supply chains. 

ZESTAs portrait David Newman

David Newman

Policy & Communication

David joined ZESTAs in August 2020 after graduating from the MESPOM (Master’s of Environmental Science, Policy and Management) program at Lund University, Sweden. Building on his thesis experience in zero emissions wind-assisted propulsion technology and policies, David researches international regulatory information concerning ZESTAs member technologies. He is also responsible for facilitating communication internally and externally of the association.

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