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SHIFT delivers tomorrow’s marine energy solutions, today. Unlocking the potential of green energy through leading-edge Li-ion energy storage systems, SHIFT’s pioneering innovation is helping to make zero-emissions shipping a reality.

Maritime Electrification

The electrification of the marine industry is here. Battery powered ferries, workboats and yachts use less or zero fuel, experience reduced maintenance costs, increased safety and the added benefit of no noise.

No Fuel, No Emissions

Harbour communities no longer deal with polluted air, and marine ecosystems benefit from the elimination of loud ship engines disrupting critical sonar communication for marine mammals.

Energy storage is key to decarbonization, for ports and for vessels. To deliver this, we have designed and manufactured energy storage solutions to optimize or replace diesel in marine, grid and heavy industrial applications. Shift Clean Energy energy storage systems are used to power hybrid and fully electric ferries, offshore supply vessels, large hybrid yachts, industrial machinery and in land-based grid energy projects. Coupling this innovative design and quality manufacturing, we have delivered remarkable returns on investment for ports and shipowners for over a decade.

Fully Electric

Batteries are the primary power for the ship, eliminating diesel fuel and emissions. Suitable for short haul ferries of any size, the batteries are charged at each end of their trip. The result is zero emissions operation, reduced noise pollution, elimination of fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

Plug-In Hybrid

Batteries power the ship entirely on electric power for specific operations, such as in harbour cruising, reducing emissions, fuel and engine run time. Often used for long haul ferries and some workboats. Batteries are charged with shore power and excess energy generated from the engine.


Can vary greatly in type and energy storage size. Suited for peak shaving during dynamic positioning operations, the batteries absorb load variations so that engines only see the average system load. This improves fuel efficiency, reduces engine hours and low load operations.

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SHIFT Clean Energy
1200 W 73rd Ave Suite 606, Vancouver, BC
+1 (778) 819-1898


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