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DRIFT Oceans of Energy

We harvest energy at sea and transport it globally.

Simply put, the world needs more energy. Needs it to be green and needs it fast.

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DRIFT combines energy generation, storage and distribution into high-performance sailing vessels.
Vessels are routed around Hydroloops to harvest the energy of the ocean. Ready to deliver payloads of Green Hydrogen straight to ports

DRIFT uses proprietary routing software to maintain flotillas in optimum weather conditions.  Artificial Intelligence married to traditional weather forecasting enables the fleet to find optimum routing over week long trips.

Designing the world’s most advanced commercial sailing vessel


DRIFT – Greener Quicker

The world needs more renewable energy. But most importantly, it needs it quickly. DRIFT is engineering a game changing new approach which carries the following advantages:

More power – DRIFT vessels are guided by advanced proprietary routing software that hunts out optimum wind and wave conditions.  And stays there!  This means DRIFT vessels can seek out more powerful winds in the deep ocean.

More of the time – DRIFT vessels can move towards and with the weather to maximise utilisation far beyond static wind farms. Our analysis points to achieving close to twice the load factor of North Sea wind at ~80%

In more places – Oceans cover 72% of the globe and DRIFT can scale over almost all of it. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, DRIFT technology is more scalable than traditional offshore technologies.

More quickly – It can take 13 years to select, plan, design and commission an offshore wind farm. An equivalent flotilla of DRIFT vessels could be built in a tenth of the time. That means more green energy and less CO2… sooner.

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The world needs more energy. Needs it to be green and needs it fast.

The events of COP 26 highlighted that we are falling behind on our ambition to reach Net Zero. The current pace of commissioning renewable energy is slow. We need a renewable class that can scale across more of the earth, with less infrastructure and be quick to commission. That is where DRIFT begins.

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We harvest energy at sea and transport it globally.

Our technology is designed to generate megawatts of energy which we store as green hydrogen ready to be delivered into any port. By doing this we aim to be a major accelerant for the nascent hydrogen economy and a key aid in the energy transition. We will operate flotillas of DRIFT Energy yachts to maintain a distributed, fault tolerant energy supply to customers across the globe.



We will operate flotillas of modern, autonomous sailing vessels that produce green hydrogen… leaving nothing behind but oxygen.

This green hydrogen is stored on-board ready to be offloaded in port. Our advanced AI routing algorithm keeps the vessels in optimum wind and wave conditions, whilst also operating a trading function for a global hydrogen market. Our company will design, build and operate these vessels, bringing highly skilled, green jobs into the marine sector.

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Solving the world’s biggest problem, using its biggest resource.

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