About Finocean Ltd


FINOCEAN Ltd is a project management and advisory company specializing in energy efficiency and environmental technologies applied on ships.

Our team holds many years of experience in newbuildings and ship retrofits where improvement of energy use, optimized design, operations and reduced emissions are Key objectives.

Our core Business Segments

Customized Newbuilding Projects


Aiming to develop better, more profitable ships for the International trades.

We are guiding ship designers, shipyards and shipbrokers to attract and generate customized, commercially feasible newbuilding projects.

Offering ship owners, cargo majors and investors the highest benefit on their business venture.

Efficient Ship Upgrades and Retrofit


By listening to ship owners’ continuous worries on how to maximize the ship’s lifetime and profitability.

We study together and select the most suitable, optimal, market-tested available systems and services.

Focusing on extending and enhancing the operational utilization of every ship by increasing further competitiveness.

Supporting Technology Providers


With a deep and wide experience in the shipping industry’s technology adaptation and utilization mechanisms.

We assist prospective trend-setters and over-achievers in the maritime manufacturing segment to develop their visibility, reputation and networking.

By sourcing best suited reference projects and offering continuous market and client intelligence on worldwide scale.

Developing Zero Emission Ship Projects

Investing on Energy efficiency applications and enabling the implementation of both readily available, proven and innovative environmental technologies are Key strategic directions towards achieving the decarbonization of shipping.

In FINOCEAN we concentrate our efforts towards applying our accumulated expertise, knowledge and skills on developing ship projects that have a significantly reduced GHG emission footprint compared to typical benchmarks, while promoting, incentivising, and inspiring the shipping community towards embracing the change and innovation, by simultaneously boosting their business performance.

We develop ship projects that efficiency improvement relates to optimized hydrodynamics, harvesting of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, waves), applying electrification (hybrid/electric propulsion and battery systems) and incorporating zero emission Integrated propulsion configurations (fuel cells, etc).

Our role is to develop customized ship projects where such emissions-free technological applications and operational practices are escaping conceptual levels and become materializable, viable ship Investments that can be contracted in the shipyards of today and operated tomorrow.

Wind Propulsion Principles: The Book

FINOCEAN is hosting the latest research work of our CEO.

Please Register below to receive the latest Edition, the Complete Guide to wind energy harvesting for commercial vessels, which provides an Overview of the available wind propulsion technologies, studies the impact of the wind propulsion systems on ship performance, and provides guidance to Ship Owners, Operators and Designers for successful applications on board.


Wind Propulsion Principles


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