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GEPS Techno is a Cleantech Company based in Guérande (France).

Created in 2011 by experts from the Shipbuilding and Offshore industry, GEPS Techno has developed unique concepts that have been tested at sea and reached commercial stage.

Ten years later, the Company is having references in the Ocean Science, Offshore Wind and Green Shipping, and is well positionned to participate in the decarbonization of the Oil&Gas sector.

GEPS Techno is providing off-grid players with offshore energy harvesting solutions to decarbonize their activity. We deliver hybrid (solar+wave) power buoys to be installed offshore or a wave energy convertor, the GSIRE®, that can be integrated on-board a ship.

Our current fleet of buoys cumulate 20MWh of power produced for our Clients (+1MWh per month), and we expect to double it in the next year to come.

Two ships have been equipped with our GSIRE® green energy generator.

LIBAS - Copyright Salt Ship Design
GSIRE tank - Copyright GEPS Techno

The GSIRE® is a tank that combines two functions :

  • Passive roll stabilization
  • Green energy production

The tank is filled with water that moves out-of-phase with the ship roll motion and absorbs its energy which is used to drive water turbines located at both ends and create electricity (up to 300kW per tank). The system can charge on-board batteries with green power to be further used instead of fossil fuel originated electricity.

Integrating a GSIRE® on your ship reduces its carbon footprint on two aspects :

  • As a roll damping solution, it can replace bilge keels or fins, and thus reduce both the drag effect and power needed to drive the fins.
  • As a green power generation solution, it can reduce the use of a diesel auxiliary generator.

The global benefit will depend on the ship type and operating mode ; GEPS Techno can run some detailed calculation to support your investment decision.


Hybrid Power Buoys


 Roll Stabilization and Green Energy production

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Olivier CUNY
Commercial Director
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GEPS Techno
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