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About Hylium Industries

Hylium Industries stands as a visionary South Korean company, focused on reshaping the energy landscape through innovation in liquefied hydrogen technology. Specializing in the development of hydrogen liquefiers, refueling stations, storage tanks, and hydrogen powered drones among others. Hylium’s expertise encompasses every aspect of liquid hydrogen transportation and storage, with the exception of the production process. This comprehensive approach is driven by the words of the company’s CEO, underlining their dedication to every stage of the journey.

Fueling their endeavors is a resolute belief that hydrogen is the catalyst for a greener future. Hylium Industries was founded with the noble goal of providing holistic H2 mobility solutions based on liquid hydrogen. Supported by strategic partnerships, including the backing of the Korean government, the company has taken unprecedented strides toward achieving its mission.

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600L Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tank for Maritime

Our Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tank, has been meticulously designed for optimal performance in maritime applications. Our tank boasts an integrated vaporizer/heat exchanger system designed to efficiently convert liquid hydrogen into a usable gaseous form. Its advanced plate-type design ensures rapid heat transfer, while water cooling enhances performance and longevity. The outfitting components, including plates and fittings, are expertly crafted from either SUS or Brass materials, both renowned for their corrosion resistance, ensuring optimal performance in marine environments.

Green Shipyard

Hylium Hydrogen Powered Drone

A new generation fuel cell drone powered by sustainable liquid hydrogen fuel. With a power pack that combines ultra-light liquid hydrogen fuel tank and PEM fuel cell the HyliumM drone can fly for more than 5 hours. With applications such as inspection and maintenance or surveillance and mapping, our hydrogen drone is perfect for long requiring activities, ensuring the longest flight time.

Challenging the Industry

Hydrogen Liquefier

This liquefier employs state-of-the-art super vacuum insulation technology for both transfer lines and storage, ensuring minimal heat transfer and maximal efficiency in maintaining the ultra-low temperatures required for hydrogen liquefaction. Equipped with advanced sensors, our system offers real-time monitoring and precise control of liquid hydrogen levels, as well as temperature and pressure conditions. This guarantees optimal performance and enhances safety. Leveraging the Gifford-McMahon (GM) and Joule-Thomson (JT) thermodynamic cycle, our liquefier employs an innovative approach to achieve efficient hydrogen liquefaction, optimizing energy consumption while maintaining high performance. With an integrated ortho-para converter, our system ensures the production of 99.99% high-purity liquid hydrogen, meeting the stringent quality standards required for various industrial and research applications.

Hylium Industries, Inc.

Email: info@hylium-industries.com

HQ: 38, Hwanghaehuigok 4-ro, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, 17963, Republic of Korea

ZESTAs member Hylium Ind

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