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We are a global law firm with expertise in dispute resolution, insurance and liability claims. Our lawyers handle contentious and non-contentious matters, and provide a range of specialist legal services for many industry sectors including insurance & reinsurance, marine, shipping &international trade, aviation, banking &finance, construction & engineering and transport & logistics. We have over 2500 people with 44 offices in 21 countries, in addition to a network of associate offices and cooperations.

Our clients are global, and so are we. We have the scope, scale and expertise to be there for you, whenever or wherever you need us to do business. We explore issues from different angles and offer you a global perspective, tailored to your local environment. We help you think ahead and we empower you with a diverse range of ideas, tools and technology to make your lives easier.

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The environmental impact of commercial shipping has long been acknowledged to be negative. However, it is only relatively recently that efforts on national and international scales have been focussed on actively mitigating or reducing these negative effects.

Kennedys’ specialisation is in the legal and regulatory sphere; guiding both conventional hydrocarbon fuel shipowners and more importantly zero emissions tech companies through the complex web of regulations (primarily emanating from the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO)); and aimed at addressing environmental risks including emissions from ships.

ZESTAs’ message is clear: we have the scientific and technical capability to power commercial vessels on a zero-emissions basis (and no doubt that is where the IMO would like us to all get to (or be already)). But with strides forward in the necessary tech to get us there seemingly comes more regulation, which Kennedys is poised to help the major green shipping players navigate.

Eric Eyo (Partner)

For more information on Kennedys, go to our website https://kennedyslaw.com/en/

ZESTAs Associate Member Kennedys

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