About Nedstack

Nedstack is a leading player in PEM fuel cell industry with a strategic focus and unique track record on the high power and mission critical domain.

At Nedstack we enable the hydrogen economy by developing, realizing, verifying, applying and servicing PEM fuel cell solutions. Our products and services are superior in quality, durability, safety and reliability and are cost competitive.

Our responsibility is to be a partner to industry and a partner to society by tailoring our solutions and services to achieve optimal energy efficiency, large scale deployment of zero-emission power systems and balanced power grids.

Zero-Emission-Shipping applications require high power profiles for both propulsion and hotel load and absolute reliability, availability and safety.

Hence, the right fit with our PemGen portfolio strategy. To tune our solutions for the maritime industry we accommodate a Maritime Application team that safeguards compliancy to IMO rules and class rules as applicable.

Nedstack solution

Where land based mobility alternatives suffer strong competition from conventional battery solutions, the maritime industry requires a combination of long endurance at sea and high power requirements. The combination of hydrogen as an energy vector and PEM fuel cells as a means of power conversion enables the transition towards zero-emission shipping without compromising too significantly on range, endurance at sea, vessel turn-around times and weather sensitivity

Nedstack is developing PEM fuel cell technology for over 20 years and has been working on maritime application of fuel cell technology for many years. With LT-PEM fuel cell solutions hydrogen is converted in to electric power without any moving parts. As only a electro-chemical reaction occurs between hydrogen and oxygen, the fuel cell only produces pure water without a sound. The required oxygen is taken from the ambient air and hydrogen can be stored on board in either compressed or cryogenic form or any other hydrogen carrier. As the hydrogen can be produced using renewable energy, the total wake-to-well emission can be emission-free. A fuel cell can operate at an efficiency of more then 50%, resulting in 16,5 kWh electrical energy from 1 kg of hydrogen. In addition, the fuel cell heat and de-ionized water that is produced can be used on board as well, increasing the efficiency significantly.

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