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PROPELWIND is a concept development company working on economically viable zero-emission vessels using primarily wind for their main propulsion.
Since day one (2008), PROPELWIND maximizes the use of wind through proven technology from ocean sail racing and America’s cup, and applied for cargo ships.
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PROPELWIND is integrated into the new platform for SDG concepts:

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Wind for main propulsion

Wind is not suitable for main propulsion of all types and sizes of vessels. Our conclusion is that this is only feasible for:


  • Light cargo’s
  • Ship sizes up to 20,000 dwt – the present target for 2035
Propelwind Main propulsion

Mechanical propulsion is anyhow required for assistance : safety, manoeuvring and lack of favorable wind. Combining the use of wind with hydrogen (as a base case) for mechanical propulsion makes real zero emission shipping possible.

The use of wind for main propulsion allows to minimize the required quantity of clean fuel on board, and the cost of this expensive fuel in operation

A multihull configuration avoids water ballast tanks; our trimaran arrangement allows for side cargo handling and safe, fully segregated clean fuel storage

Wind for Assistance to Ship Propulsion (WASP)


PROPELWIND supports shipowners as consultant to:


  • Assess the feasibility of wind for assistance for their fleet and trade
  • Screen the whole array of all possible devices
  • Select the most appropriate device and supplier before proceeding to the required and expensive influence and routing studies
  • Recommend a path forward
  • Assist in final equipment selection, performance evaluation, on board integration, routing, support in operation


Head office: PROPELWIND s.a.s.

15 rue Galilée
567270 Ploemeur


Responsible: Patrick ENGLEBERT
+33 626 872 985 


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