Hexagon Purus to install hydrogen storage on fishing training vessel

Nov 20, 2023

New ZESTAs member Hexagon Purus is installing compressed gaseous hydrogen Type 4 storage tanks on the fishing and aquaculture training vessel “SKULEBAS” by 2024. The new battery-electric diesel-hybrid ship will be converted to zero emission propulsion with 320 kWh fuel cells and 125kg hydrogen storage on deck-mounted skids to complement the 1MWh batteries. Hvide Sande Shipyard delivered the ship and are taking care of the conversion.

Standard Hexagon Purus heavy duty fuel tanks manufactured in Kassel, Germany, are available up to 189kg capacity at 250bar in maritime storage racks. Hexagon Purus installs the tanks along with piping, valves, assembly bundles, mounting racks and electrical/control.

Hexagon Purus has other maritime deliveries on vessels under 15m, including leisure crafts, small fishing boats and experimental high speed ships such as the The OceansLab IMOCA racing yacht using hydrogen fuel cell technology with a Hydrogen Power Module built by ZESTAs member Genevos. In another fishing project, the Utslippsfri Arbeidsbåt (UBÅT) Norwegian project for Moen Marin (Trondheim), will deliver 250bar hydrogen storage on a zero emission fish farming workboat currently under construction

Hydrogen refuelling and mobile transport are also provided by Hexagon Purus. Truck trailers can carry up to 1.2 tonnes capacity, with larger tube trailers in 40ft containers are approved and ready for rollout. The Mobile Refueller can bunker vessels up to 350bar for fuel tanks that are approved and certified for the EC79 standard up to about 250kg capacity.


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