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Nov 20, 2023

Hylium Industries Exhibits in Green Hydrogen Technology at the 2023 Global Forum in Jeju

Hylium Industries, a trailblazer in clean energy solutions, showcased its state-of-the-art liquid hydrogen technology at the 2023 Green Hydrogen Global Forum in Jeju, Korea. This event, pivotal in the clean energy domain, aims to foster international collaboration and drive the shift towards a clean hydrogen ecosystem, aligning with global efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Jeju, renowned for its green hydrogen initiatives, provided a fitting backdrop for the forum, reflecting its ambition to become a carbon-free island. Hylium Industries unveiled a groundbreaking liquid hydrogen-powered drone with an impressive 5-hour flight time and a mobile ground control station, revolutionizing sustainable aviation and advancing Korea’s clean hydrogen industry.

This innovation not only propels Korea towards its 2030 targets but also sets a precedent for global emulation. Hylium Industries’ initiative harmonizes with the goal of establishing a competitive energy market, signifying a transformative shift in energy regulation and global standards.

As the Green Hydrogen Global Forum continues to drive positive change, Hylium Industries leads the charge, providing solutions that pave the way for a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. With its liquid hydrogen-powered drone and ground control station, the company embodies the technological innovation needed to realize these ambitious goals.






Hylium Industries, Inc. and The Gas and Heat Institute of Energy Conservation invite you to the Gala and Heart Institution Essence Event. Forged Strategic Collaboration with Memorandum of Understanding

Hylium Industries, Inc. and The Gas and Heat Institute Essen e.V. (GWI) have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a collaborative framework. The MOU outlines the shared goals and roles of both organizations. The main aim is to create a mutually advantageous partnership that capitalizes on their respective strengths. Hylium Industries will explore opportunities to introduce its products in the German market, while GWI will receive technological support and expertise in liquid hydrogen.
The collaboration covers various areas, including technology provision and support to advance the liquid hydrogen industry in Germany’s early stages. Both parties also plan to set up a dedicated entity in Essen, Germany, for the commercialization of liquid hydrogen technology and drones powered by it.
Furthermore, the MOU emphasizes a robust exchange of knowledge and expertise between their engineering teams, a pivotal aspect in realizing the full potential of this joint effort. Hylium Industries will offer comprehensive technological expertise and support for liquid hydrogen, with a focus on research and development in the early market phases. GWI will act as the liaison for Hylium Industries regarding liquid hydrogen business in Europe, overseeing the establishment of a promotional entity in Essen, Germany.
The MOU was signed by representatives from both Hylium Industries, Inc. and The Gas and Heat Institute Essen e.V., affirming their dedication to this collaborative venture.

Hylium Industries Demonstrates Hydrogen Powered Drone to NEOM

Hylium Industries and NEOM, in collaboration, achieved a groundbreaking milestone on September 14th with a successful liquid Hydrogen Drone Flight test. This marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of eco-friendly aerial transportation. NEOM, a visionary project led by Saudi Arabia, aims to be a global hub for innovative urban planning, advanced technology, and green energy solutions. It seeks to redefine cities by integrating AI, biotechnology, and more.

At the core of NEOM’s vision is an unwavering commitment to green technologies, encompassing renewable energy sources and cutting-edge waste management systems. By harmonizing state-of-the-art tech with eco-conscious planning, NEOM aims to show how future cities can thrive sustainably.

Hylium Industries, a leader in sustainable tech, demonstrated the potential of liquid hydrogen as a drone fuel. This offers a promising solution to environmental challenges posed by traditional aviation fuels due to its high energy density and zero-emission properties. This breakthrough has far-reaching implications, not only for drones but for broader aviation segments.







Construction of Jeju Hamdeok Green Hydrogen Charging Station, built by Hylium Industries, Inc. for the first time in Korea

The country’s first Jeju Hamdeok Green Hydrogen Charging Station, built by Hylium Industries, was completed and a green hydrogen bus trial run event was held in Jeju. Green hydrogen refers to zero carbon emissions during the hydrogen production process. Hylium Industries is constructing six hydrogen charging stations across the country, including Busan, Daejeon, and Yeosu, and directly operates a hydrogen charging station in Pyeongtaek.

Hamdeok Green Hydrogen Charging Station uses electricity generated from wind power to produce hydrogen through water electrolysis, transports it to the charging station, and stores it. It can charge 4 buses and 20 passenger cars per hour. Charging is usually completed in 5 to 10 minutes. Green hydrogen buses emit zero environmental pollutants and are perfect for the clean city of Jeju Island. Just as we experienced severe tropical nights this summer, global warming cannot be ignored any longer. The UN Secretary-General said, “We must now move into an era of great energy transition.”

Hylium Industries Redefines Aerial Innovation with Hydrogen-Powered Drone Flight in Essen

During the 22nd German Energy Law Day 2023 in Essen, Hylium Industries achieved a groundbreaking feat in sustainable aerial technology. Their hydrogen-powered drone, weighing over 20 kilograms with a wingspan of about two meters, demonstrated a new era in flight capabilities. What sets it apart is its innovative fuel cell technology, directly converting hydrogen into electrical energy. This allows for an impressive flight duration of up to five hours, surpassing conventional battery-powered drones. These hydrogen-powered drones are poised to revolutionize tasks requiring extended airborne presence, such as pipeline inspections.

Founded in 2014, Hylium Industries leads the way in this transformative technology. They’ve announced plans to establish a European branch in Essen by 2024, strategically bringing their solutions closer to the heart of Europe and advancing the adoption of sustainable aerial technology.

EWG – Essener Wirtschaftsförderung has played a pivotal role in supporting Hylium Industries’ progress through their visionary #HyTechCheck program, aiding the startup in navigating the European market and building crucial connections in the H2 value chain. This collaboration not only facilitates market entry but also enhances Essen’s reputation as a dynamic hub for energy and climate transition.

As the energy capital of Europe, Essen plays a vital role in driving the global energy transition. With support from partners like EWG and the entire hydrogen ecosystem of the MetropoleRuhr, Hylium Industries is set to shape a sustainable and efficient future for aerial technology.








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