Call for papers

ShipZERO28.5 – April 18th, 2024: An exclusive workshop for high-level stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region at Singapore Maritime Week.

This workshop will focus specifically on implementing hydrogen and electric vessels and port infrastructure projects at Singapore Port and in the APAC region. 

ShipZERO28.5 will connect stakeholders to lay the groundwork for the implementation of hydrogen and electric vessels and port infrastructure projects: building on work to date,  piecing together market-ready technology, renewable energy, impact finance, and insurance, making absolute zero-emissions a reality.

Do you hold a piece of the puzzle? Submit your solution! 

Rules of engagement: Only Absolute Zero Emissions solutions will be considered. 

Focus: Hydrogen & Fully ElectricVessels

ZESTAs invites papers on all topics related but not limited to:


Offshore renewable energy

  • Offshore hydrogen production
  • Offshore charging/bunkering
  • Mobile offshore energy

ZE Ports

  • ZE port ecosystems
  • ZE fuel delivery solutions

Zero emission ship technology innovations

  • Ground-breaking new technologies – size matters!

Onboard systems

  • Electric and hydrogen hybrid system integration
  • Vessel integration of absolute zero emissions technologies

Zero emission vessels

  • Vessels on the water
  • Vessels under construction 
  • Future Vessel concepts

    ShipZERO28.5 Submit Your White Paper

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