Todat : HYBRID EVENT ” SHIP ZERO ” 1, 2, 3, NOV 2021 – Glasgow, Scotland

Nov 1, 2021

By Magdy Sadek, Blue Economy

ZESTAs is an international trade association of global game-changers developing true zero-emission ship technologies. The association is a bold voice impacting the industry, legislation, and regulation to uptake true zero-emission ship technologies and fuels.

90% of goods traded are transported by ship. If shipping were a country it would be the sixth-largest GHG polluter. The Paris Agreement will not be achieved unless the shipping industry urgently makes cohesive and aggressive headway towards true zero°.
‘Ship ZERO°: Charging to True Zero°’ brings together innovators, thought leaders, regulators, and first movers from the shipping and energy sectors to pinpoint collaborative development opportunities and identify pathways to enabling the large-scale deployment of true zero
technologies. Read full article

ZESTAs Media Partner-Blue Economy

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