Two Sailcargo zero emission cargo vessels under construction

Nov 22, 2023

SAILCARGO INC. is expanding its fleet. The regenerative shipyard in Costa Rica is set to build Pitaya, the second schooner mirroring Ceiba’s design, leveraging existing infrastructure and machinery for increased efficiency. Pitaya’s initial wood is already procured and undergoing the drying process in the shipyard.

In a strategic move, Sailcargo proudly welcomes Mauricio Ortiz as new CEO, leveraging his diverse experience as the former Costa Rican Ambassador to Canada (until 2022). His appointment marks an exciting chapter, promising a fresh perspective to enhance our operations.

Innovatively, Sailcargo have been advancing in the project of employing green hydrogen fuel cells designed specifically for these types of vessels, in collaboration with Ad Astra Rocket Company, to power the electric motors for our second ship, pushing boundaries in sustainable shipping technology.


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