About Wattlab

Wattlab develops custom solar energy systems. Wattlab originates from the Vattenfall Solar Team, a multiple World champion team with solar car Nuna. Building on their expertise, they now bring solar technology to the shipping industry.


By applying thin and lightweight solar panels in the marine industry, Wattlab aims to contribute to a solution for the climate problem. The solar hatches’ energy can be used to power the onboard applications that are otherwise powered by a generator. On hybrid ships, the generated solar energy supports propulsion. The elimination of genset and fuel use results in less pollution and noise for the environment. As the usage of a generator is no longer allowed in some ports, it is required to connect to shore power, which is not always facilitated well. The use of solar hatches allows the captain more freedom as the vessel is not reliant on a fixed location with shore power.

For more information, go to shipping.wattlab.nl


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Go Green

Transport goods with the power of the sun. Reduce emissions and prepare for new climate regulations.

Save Smart

Save on fuel, shore power, port fees and generator maintenance. Enjoy a return on investment by producing free clean energy.

Enjoy Comfort

Experience generatorless days and nights and clean air. Provide a quiet environment to the crew, residents and yourself.

Our technology

wasp hull

Highest Quality

Highly efficient and designed to be robust. The dirt-resistant and lightweight solar panels are designed for inland shipping.


wasp hull 1

Plug and play system

Acting as a generator, the solar hatches are directly connected to the on-board grid, immediately reducing diesel generator load.



Stackable and interchangeable

Suitable for Frisian hatches with low stack height. Interchangeable with existing hatches.



Profit and yield monitoring

Monitor each individual solar panel and see your yield and profit from the sun anytime, anywhere.



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