I’m absolutely thrilled to be speaking at the Maritime and Logistics Conference during ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi. This is the second year that I’ve been asked to speak and have therefore given it priority. For me this marks a real change in perspective. You don’t have to look very far to see who I am and what it is that I will speak about. I have been promoting wind propulsion since 2014. I have been speaking about hydrogen in maritime shipping since 2017. In 2019 I founded the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs) and focused on #AbsoluteZeroEmissions. The fact that the organisers worlds largest energy the largest expo have asked Madadh MacLaine, the world’s foremost proponent of absolute zero emissions shipping, to speak, marks a significant shift. We can truly say that the tide has turned.

Madadh MacLaine, Secretary General ZESTAs


October 2, 2023 - October 5, 2023

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