Madadh MacLaine to speak at the 6th AMMONIA AS FUEL WORLD SUMMIT

With the global warming crisis escalating, the world is increasingly inclined to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving net zero goals. As the world moves toward sustainability and a greener future, it is critical to maintain market relevance and competitiveness. Global companies have since announced commitments to achieve net zero emissions by investing heavily in the development of infrastructure, production plants and facilities for the use of alternative fuels.

Ammonia has emerged as a serious and leading choice to become an alternative fuel for the world and it is just as good if not better as an energy carrier and fuel as any other solution. Energy companies, Ammonia/Renewable Energy Industry Players & Chemical Producers globally are investing heavily into ammonia production and its associated facilities & technology whilst major energy end-users such as the maritime industry are looking & investing resources into how they can better store and utilize ammonia as a marine fuel as they aim to achieve net zero emissions, become more cost-efficient, green & sustainable whilst supporting energy transition globally.

Like most Green Transition Initiatives, using Ammonia as Fuel brings about several hurdles and challenges. The 6th Ammonia as Fuel World Summit 2023 has been meticulously researched and curated to provide the most sought-after and unrivalled insights into the rising potential and trends in the use of Ammonia as a Fuel.

The 6th Ammonia as Fuel World Summit will be held entirely LIVE Online.

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