ZESTAs and Riviera partner for Singapore conference

ZESTAs is proudly supporting the Riviera Maritime Decarbonisation Asia Conference in Singapore 19-20 April 2023.

ZESTAs members are eligible for an exclusive 20% discount code.

The focus of this year’s programme is making energy and emissions reductions profitable.

Join leading players in the maritime world as they share their experiences and lessons learned to date as they continue their decarbonisation journey, and walk away with a deeper understanding of:

  • Energy efficiency measures that work and can be deployed now to reduce fuel consumption
  • Crewing for complex low-carbon vessels and what it takes to attract, train and retain skilled seafarers
  • The right fuel pathway today for operations today and tomorrow, including supply and demand scenarios
  • CII, emissions trading schemes, IMO frameworks and new thinking on Zero Emissions Shipping

Until 9 March, tickets are available with an early booking discount. Tickets can be purchased here.

Sessions will cover regulatory changes, the driving forces behind the green transition, emerging solutions for energy and carbon reduction, collaborative models for decarbonisation, crewing for low-carbon vessels and alternative fuels: financing and scaling up the transition.

Furthermore, roundtable discussions will provide an opportunity to meet with owners and operators managing a common vessel type, allowing you to discuss in detail the specific challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon fleet.

Regulatory changes

Review of the major regulatory changes impacting the global maritime sector including the first three months of CII implementation, the likely outcomes of the upcoming MEPC meetings and the direction of emissions trading schemes.

Energy efficiency measures: results and economic viability

Which fuel efficiency solutions will improve your margins? Hear about the measures being implemented on fleets in the region and evaluate the results in terms of fuel and cost savings.

Driving forces behind the green transition

Find out what charterers are prioritising, what sustainability initiatives they are seeking to support and what changes they want to see from their shipping partners in the short to medium term.

Emerging solutions for energy and carbon reduction

Assess the feasibility, compatibility and safety of next-generation emissions reduction technologies to support your planning for both existing and newbuild vessels.

Collaborative models for decarbonisation

Maritime decarbonisation will require a radical rethink on collaboration across departments and between different organisations. Find out about the emerging best practice on designing collaborative agreements and partnerships as a foundation for project success.

Crewing for low-carbon vessels

As onboard systems become increasingly complex, what strategies can you use to attract and upskill seafarers to ensure both crew safety and the utilisation of new low-carbon systems and equipment?

Alternative fuels: financing and scaling up the transition

Looking to the longer term, what progress is being made on building up supply chains for alternative marine fuels such as hydrogen through green corridors and other schemes? And how will the scale-up be financed?


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