Poseidon Principles Leaders Join “SHIP ZERO – Charging to Zero” COP 26 Event

Sep 21, 2021

Participation signals the role of finance in propelling the maritime industry to zero emissions

August X, 2021: The Zero Emission Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs) Madadh MacLaine, Secretary-General of ZESTAs (Zero Emission Ship Technology Association), announced that Poseidon Principle’s leaders– Michael Parker, Chairman, Global Shipping, Logistics & Offshore Citigroup, and Paul Taylor, Managing Director, Global Head of Shipping and Offshore, Societe Generale — have joined the “SHIP ZERO – Charging to Zero” event in Glasgow. They will be addressing both the necessity of zero emissions for the maritime industry as well as the role finance will have in achieving this goal.

Michael ParkerMichael Parker was appointed the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Poseidon Principles in 2019 and elected the first Chairman of the Poseidon Principles Association in 2020. Alongside Michael, Paul Taylor is Vice Chairman of the Poseidon Principles. Together, they are leading the association to effectively influence decarbonization efforts in the maritime sector.

“As we focus on what is achievable, banks need to support the new fuels and technologies as much as the transition so that the zero emissions ambition is realised whilst ensuring that the smooth operation of global supply chains that the world depends on for the shipping industry is maintained” stated Mr. Parker.

“By investing in zero emissions technologies, you’re moving the entire industry towards reaching its goal of zero emissions. Zero carbon. Zero emissions. True zero” observed Ms. MacLaine.  “Participation of the Poseidon Principles in “SHIP ZERO – Charging to Zero” underscores the importance of the role of finance in deploying and scaling the technologies and solutions that are being featured, and ultimately moving the shipping industry closer to zero.”

Concurring, Paul Taylor claimed “As the main capital providers to the shipping industry, banks have a pivotal role to play in the transition to zero carbon fuels and technologies. With climate alignment directly influencing our investment decisions, Poseidon Principles signatories will increasingly support shipowners and other stakeholders who are committed to creating a greener maritime supply chain.

“SHIP ZERO presents a unique opportunity to discuss and create a new vision for the industry with thought leaders and initiators brainstorming in breakout groups to formulate ways that policy, finance, market, and technology can all be leveraged to bring about a rapid transition to a true zero emissions sector.” continued MacLaine. “Our mission is to produce a navigational chart with action waypoints guiding industry to the safe haven of true zero.”

Attendance will be limited through an application process with priority going to first movers, thought leaders, disruptors, influencers, and change-makers.

For more information, or to align your company with this event, please visit:

SHIP ZERO | ZESTAs (https://zestas.org/ship-zero/)

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