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Riviera Maritime Decarbonisation 2023 – Exclusive Member Discount

May 30, 2023

Once again, ZESTAs are happy to be a supporting organisation of the upcoming Maritime Decarbonisation, Europe: Conference, Awards & Exhibition 2023 in Amsterdam 26 – 27 September 2023, and to extend an exclusive 20% discount to our members, which will be sent shortly.

Regulatory change

Review the major regulatory changes impacting the global maritime sector including regulatory implementations and policy directions of the European Commission and the new directives coming out of the most recent IMO meetings.
Strategies for reducing emissions on existing vessels 
The European carbon market coming into effect in 2024 gives owners added impetus to settle their strategies for reducing emissions on their existing vessels. This panel will explore different possibilities and considerations for using drop-in fuels as a decarbonisation pathway for existing vessels.

Strategies for reducing emissions on existing vessels

This session examines the technology readiness levels, suitability and efficiency of a variety of retrofit solutions including wind propulsion and onboard carbon capture. It leads on to lightning talks on new technologies that are having a proven effect on vessel emissions reduction.

Newbuild market trends and considerations

Up-to-date insights and specific information on orders and trends in the global newbuilding market. Find out how different ship-owners are looking to future proof their fleets through a variety of different fuel, design and technology pathways.
First movers in the green transition
Detailed insights into the decarbonisation initiatives that major ship owners are driving and
how their work as first movers will influence the future of low and zero carbon shipping.

Alternative fuels: scaling up the supply chain

This session assesses the progress being made to build up supply chains for future fuels including hydrogen, biofuels, methanol and ammonia. Green corridor projects are thoroughly analysed and views shared on what is likely to be the maritime industry’s dominant fuel through to 2030 and beyond.

You can see the full Programme here and Speakers here.
20% discount code for ZESTAs members
Tickets and discounts can be purchased here and an early discount is available until 17th August.


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