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About Sustainable Ships

Sustainable Ships is a platform for the maritime industry, by the maritime industry, providing on demand consultancy for a fixed price.

Our goal is to make your life easy. We provide you with a single place for all your sustainability needs. We offer freemium tools, guides and insights, as well as a free to use helpdesk on which you can ask any question. Our premium services include full access to all content, upgraded and unlimited tool use, as well as personalized reporting and instant response on the helpdesk via the ‘sustainability hotline’.

We can help you with 3 things: decarbonization services that include detailed insights on zero-emission technologies, interpreting rules and regulations like CII or carbon tax, and calculating and monitoring your emissions. For each of these services, we offer free to use tools, guides and insights because we believe in sharing these lessons in order to make the maritime industry more sustainable. However, we know your vessel is unique and you might not have the time to figure it all out by yourself.
That is why we make customized decarbonization roadmaps, concept designs and quickscans to satisfy the needs of your unique vessel starting at €299 per report – the lowest price you will find in the maritime industry.

For example, we can help you with decarbonization roadmaps for your vessel, fleet or company, determine your carbon footprint, perform quickscans on rules and regulations for your entire fleet, make a business case or concept design study on hydrogen, batteries, wind or solar, methanol or ammonia, anything to make your life easier.

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