Two very large fuel cell system deliveries by PowerCell near completion

Nov 20, 2023

PowerCell provides a commercialised Marine Fuel Cell module to be adopted in multiple MW size fuel cell vessels. Full design appraisal and individual approval was received in 2023. Full technical documentation for installation and operation is available and type approval with Lloyd’s Register will be ready by Q2 2024.

Fuel Cell projects coming to market 2024-2026:

  • 2024:Feadship Superyacht 3 MW fuel cell for auxiliary power with a liquid hydrogen fuel tank below deck
  • 2025:Two Ro-PAX ferries powered by 13 MW (2×6,5 MW) hydrogen fuel cells for Torghatten Nord, 600 passengers each

PowerCell is now preparing the delivery and commissioning of the 3MW system on the superyacht. FAT inspection with class authorities ongoing as part of the final approval process.

Safety Regulation is in the making:

  • MSC Circ. 1455, Alternative safety approval process.
  • MSC Circ. 1647 Interrim guidelines for Fuel Cells on ships.
  • Zoning requirements according to IEC 60079 -10

PowerCell offers optimised service focused on OPEX savings and no dry docking is required for installation. Service contract on fixed rate is possible for financial predictability.


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