ZESTAs Achieve Major Milestone with First Submission to International Maritime Organisation

May 31, 2023

ZESTAs is committed to driving innovation in the shipping industry. In doing so, we are about to reach a major milestone by submitting a detailed white paper to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for the first time. This groundbreaking submission, ISWG-GHG 15/INF.2, provides the latest information concerning demonstrated zero emission shipping technologies and the extent of their commercialisation.

Read the full paper here. Download it here

The white paper, contributed to by our members and partners and prepared by ZESTAs’ team of experts, focuses on the advancements and capabilities of shipping technology enabling absolute zero greenhouse gas emissions emissions across all scopes. It shows that solutions are technically and commercially ready now to greatly reduce shipping emissions. The submission will be presented to the esteemed Inter Sessional Working Group on Greenhouse Gases 15 (ISWG-GHG 15), taking place from June 26th to 30th.

ZESTAs’ provision of information and reputable input in this international forum demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to shaping the maritime industry’s future. Through engaging in discussions around strategy and setting a level of ambition, ZESTAs aims to position itself as a key source of trusted information which can be relied upon in driving sustainable practices and technological advancements.

Following ISWG-GHG 15, ZESTAs will continue its active involvement in the Marine Environmental Protection Committee 80 (MEPC 80). From June 4th to July 4th, ZESTAs will showcase at the highest decision making level in shipping that zero emission shipping technology is not only viable but also market-ready. By highlighting successful case studies and emphasising the potential for technology proliferation, ZESTAs aims to inspire and encourage broader adoption of absolute zero emissions technology.

As ZESTAs continues to contribute its expertise and insights to the international maritime community, our positive reputation and advice is becoming more sought after by decision makers and other industry peak bodies, ZESTAs is committed to continuing our transformative discussions and collaborative efforts that will pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.


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