ZESTAs joins industry coalition calls for EU hydrogen quota for shipping

Jul 6, 2022

ZESTAs joins industry coalition calls for EU hydrogen quota for shipping

A coalition of energy providers, shipping companies and NGOs – including Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs) members Nedstack and Future Proof Shipping – has called on the EU to introduce a minimum quota of 6% sustainable and scalable hydrogen fuels by 2030.

An additional co-signatory of the letter of demands to the EU is ShipZERO26.5: “We’ve Got the Power” sponsor, Hexagon Purus.

Last year the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, proposed a shipping fuel law (FuelEU Maritime Regulation) aimed at increasing the uptake of alternative marine fuels.

Unfortunately, the law fails to guarantee the competitiveness of sustainable and scalable e-fuels, and risks promoting cheaper, unsustainable, fuels.

The coalition, therefore, calls on the European Parliament and EU Council to improve the proposal by including a dedicated e-fuels sub-quota in the proposed regulation.

Madadh MacLaine, Secretary-General of ZESTAs said regarding the coalition’s demands:

“The technology to produce and use zero emissions green hydrogen is here. However, production is held up by a lack of demand despite enormous potential up-taker markets. Finance is ready to back a swathe of new investment but needs assurance from policy makers. The minimum quota will ensure that industries such as shipping are guaranteed a supply of zero emissions fuel and we will do the rest through disruptive collaboration.”

ZESTAs continues its work to revolutionise the shipping industry through the promotion of rapid and large-scale uptake of zero-emissions technology and fuel, as recently showcased at the second instalment in their ShipZERO event series in Amsterdam last month.


For ZESTAs, contact Madadh MacLaine, +447834912090



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