Moderation by Madadh MacLaine at Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo Europe

Moderation by Madadh MacLaine at Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo Europe

We are excited to announce that our founder and secretary general, Madadh MacLaine, will be moderating a panel at the upcoming Electric and Hybrid Marine Expo Europe on the 18th of June. As a leading advocate for zero-emission technologies in the maritime industry, Madadh will bring her extensive knowledge and experience to facilitate discussions on cutting-edge topics in marine decarbonization.

Event Details

Moderator: Madadh MacLaine
Founder and Secretary General
Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association
United Kingdom

Panel Schedule:

08:45 – Case Studies for Battery-Powered Mid-Size Vessels
Speaker: Peter Lystrup Christensen
Position: Head of Technology Systems, MMKM Center for Zero Carbon Shipping
Country: Denmark

Battery-powered vessels have recently entered the shipping business in applications with short ferry crossings or hybrid installations. Continuous rapid development of battery performance and cost, along with its inherently superior well-to-wake efficiency, begs the question as to what needs to happen with battery cost and performance to make them viable for deep sea shipping. This presentation will offer a study that tries to address these questions by identifying barriers, gaps, and required development; operational issues and relevant vessels; charging infrastructure; and the potential WTW impact of battery-powered vessels.

09:10 – The Challenges to Shipowners in the Decarbonization Process, and the Responsibilities of Equipment Manufacturers
Speaker: Elias Boletis
Position: Chair, CIMAC Working Group 10
Country: Netherlands

This presentation will unpick the questions which arise about the drivers of technological progress toward decarbonization in the marine sector. Are they pulled along by demand from shipowners or pushed forward by equipment manufacturers? What are the implications of either approach? Which would be best and should either do more of the same, less or something entirely different? Elias Boletis, who is responsible for the CIMAC Working Group 10 ‘End Users’, provides a link between shipowners and the equipment manufacturers for the marine sector and will offer his unique insights into these critical questions.

Join us for these insightful sessions to explore the future of marine decarbonization and the pivotal role of zero-emission technologies.

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