ZESTAs hosting ShipZERO – “Charging to True Zero” Workshop at COP26

Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs) is hosting the “SHIP ZERO 26 – Charging to True Zero” hybrid workshop from 1-3 November in Glasgow, Scotland coinciding with COP 26. The recent IPCC report tells us that “We can keep warming below 1.5 by pursuing the “very low emissions scenario”. Global society demands that shipping achieve zero emissions.

ZESTAs’ disruptive and interactive SHIP ZERO workshop will be the first-ever shipping event to align with the IPCC recommendations, by not contemplating the use of fossil fuels or any GHG emitting fuel or technology.

The SHIP ZERO workshop will feature highly technical presentations, followed by discussions and brainstorming sessions, bringing together shipping stakeholders from; innovation, policy, finance, infrastructure, energy, and the wider shipping sector to combine solutions into an actionable road map.

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